Countertops – There are so many choices to consider when deciding on your kitchen countertops that it can be completely mind-boggling! Let’s make this easy by breaking it up into two categories…let’s call those the Double-D’s: Durability – The durability of your countertop is one of the most important things to consider. You’re spending good […]

Countertops – There are so many choices to consider when deciding on your kitchen countertops that it can be completely mind-boggling! Let’s make this easy by breaking it up into two categories…let’s call those the Double-D’s:

  • Durability – The durability of your countertop is one of the most important things to consider. You’re spending good money and, like most of us, you will want your countertops to last and be “In Style” for years to come. There are several types of materials your countertops can be made of:
    • Man-Made Countertops – Made of a variety of materials, these can be :
      1. Concrete – Made from, you guessed it, concrete with the use of a custom-made (usually wooden) form, this type of countertop can be fashioned into a variety of shapes, colors and goodies added. You can achieve a unique look by adding different pebbles and substances to create a completely one-of-a-kind countertop to treasure. Four very important things to consider when choosing concrete countertops:
        • Cracking – Concrete can be very persnickety when drying and can crack if not prepared and applied properly, therefore it is a good idea to invest some time into studying this option.
        • Porous – Concrete is very porous to staining and germs. Keeping your concrete counters nice needs to be sealed to help reduce staining and promote a healthier surface.
        • Scratches and Chipping – Concrete can be scratched and chipped when moving or dropping heavy items on the surface, so durability isn’t on the high end of the spectrum.
        • Cost – don’t think you’ll be saving money unless you’re planning on a DIY job. Concrete countertops can be as, if not more, expensive as quartz.
      2. High-Pressure Laminate – For stricter budgets, you have several styles and color options to choose from, such as granite-look, wood-look, marble-look, and more, that are visually close to the real thing…just remember not to cut on or place hot pots on as your top could be ruined. 
      3. Quartz – The quartz countertop is made from both natural and substances fused and formed creating a very durable, scratch and stain-resistant product, which makes Quartz countertops high in demand for today’s kitchens. Of the man-made countertops, quartz is on the higher end of the dollar spectrum, however, if you consider its strength, longevity, and beauty you can’t go wrong investing in this product. 
Quartz Countertop – White with Light Grey Veining
  • Natural Countertops – Natural stone countertops have been harvested from nature and cut into slabs. No one piece is exactly alike where veining and colors vary from slab to slab. This is why it is so very important that if you choose a natural countertop that you visit the slab yard to prevent any regrets.
    • Butcher Block Wood – The old classic top…very much used in today’s kitchens. You have the option to preserve the top with either a food-grade mineral oil or stain and/or seal with a clear wood sealer. Both ways will require upkeep and care not to leave water on the surface so as not to warp, split and swell the wood. 
Wood Countertops Adds Warmth to a Kitchen
  • Soap Stone – A softer, more marble-like appearance with graining and color variations from blues to greens to grays. Soap Stone Countertops bring a splash of elegance and beauty to your kitchen that other countertops just can’t achieve. There are, however, two things to note about Soap Stone…it needs to be treated with a mineral oil wash to keep the surface from accepting watermarks and it should not be used like a cutting board as deep scratches will be left within the surface. 
  • Marble – Generally harder than Soap Stone, but softer than other stone countertops, marble can be more permeable to stains and less resistant to scratching and chipping. There are those who think marble countertops that have a worn and stained surface show the years of loving work that has been created atop making it a beautiful choice for kitchens over the span of many decades. 
  • Granite – A hard surface igneous stone naturally created by the melting and solidification of rocks, stones, and minerals. There are basically three grades of granite ranging from small coarse pebbled appearance to heavy graining like that of marble. Granite can chip when objects are dropped and “discolor” when a hot pan is placed atop, so care should be taken to keep your countertops beautiful for the long run. Granite countertops come in a wide variety of colors and finishes including the ability for that leathered texture. 
  • Quartzite – Quartzite is a gorgeous natural stone having endless design and a variety of options for color, textures, and features. Quartzite is softer and more porous, meaning it can be scratched and stained easier, plus more expensive than quartz. If you love the look of natural stone quartzite countertops can provide a little more care and will make these beauties shine for years and years to come.
The Quartzite Featured Above Has a Bounty of Colors, Character, and Patterns. It’s Simply Gorgeous!
  • Design – The countertops are the icing on your cake in terms of your kitchen design. It is important that your cabinets, countertops and backsplash harmonize together for a truly successful kitchen design. There are three choices to consider in the design:
    • Patterns – Whether you prefer a simple pattern without much distraction or a fully loaded veining (natural streaks created by variegated colors) and movement (changing of direction of the countertop patterns), the pattern of your countertop will complete the personality of your kitchen’s design.
    • Colors – There are so many color choices to choose from it can be overwhelming unless you have a plan. The first thing to remember is that you will most likely be living with your countertops for many years, therefore picking a color that can stand the test of time is a wise thing to consider.
      • Analogous Color Tones – By pairing your cabinet color to the color of your countertops you are creating an analogous color tone, which can create both a soothing and clean look in your kitchen.
Beautiful Marbling Effect on Countertops and Backsplash Completes a Harmonious Design

Contrasting Color Tones – Bringing in a wide range of color tones into the kitchen space of lights and darks creates interest and appeal.

Contrasting Tones of Dark Perimeter Countertops with Light Island Countertops Atop Opposite Cabinets
  • Countertop Finish – There are three options for your countertop finish
    • Polished – This finish is the shiniest and smooth. If you are looking for that highly reflective surface and least susceptible to stains, a polished countertop finish is what you want.
    • Honed – If you would like a more matte (low sheen) aged look to your countertops, a honed finish is what you want. This silky, velvet-like texture is created when grinding the surface of the slab stopping before any shine is achieved. It is important to remember that a honed surface is more susceptible to stains and needs to be sealed with a matte sealer at least a couple of times a year. 
    • Leathered – This is created by “brushing” the surface of either marble or granite until it becomes textured with high and low areas over the surface leaving a textured and soft sheen.
Leathering Brings Out the Character of the Granite
  • Edges – There are a number of edges that you can have made into your countertops. 
    • Flat (entire front is squared off). 
    • Beveled (top 1/4 edge has 45 degree angle).
    • 1/4 Radius (top 1/4 edge is rounded; remaining flat front).
    • 1/2 Bullnose (top half rounded; remaining half flat front). 
    • Cove (top quarter is concave remaining flat front). 
    • Ogee (Top edge concave; remaining rounded)

Choosing the right countertop for your kitchen can be challenging and, for some, overwhelming. We have several samples in our showroom to see and feel…let’s work together to find which one is perfect for your beautiful new kitchen!

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