Planning a new kitchen? Visit our blog post: 10 IMPORTANT TOPICS TO CONSIDER WHEN PLANNING A NEW KITCHEN

  • One Month Prior to Your Event: 
    • Plan your menu. Check out this fun and so simple recipe:
    • Gather food and beverage recipes and adjust the ingredient amounts for the number of servings for your holiday entertaining event(s). For large gatherings, we recommend serving at least one large container of a pre-mixed beverage and one container of water (infused water makes a festive display and tastes wonderful as well).
    • Print off a copy of your Menu and recipes. Label and place in a folder for safekeeping.
  • Three weeks prior to your event: 
    • Gather an Organizing Basket for Each Recipe: Label the Outside of the Basket and Place Inside Each Basket the following:
    • Non-Perishable Recipe Ingredients – If using only a portion such as dry spices, flour, herbs, etc., measure and add to a sealable container. If several dry ingredients go into the recipe simultaneously, measure and add these ingredients to the same container; for items that will go into the recipe separately, add each to a separate container. This will speed up the process on the day you’re ready to start cooking. 
    • Store the filled baskets in your pantry or easy-to-access area so when you are ready to make a recipe you can grab that specific basket and everything should be ready to start cooking/preparing.
    • Label the freezer items with the name of the recipe that they will be used then store them in the freezer until ready to use. 
    • Shop for non-perishable and frozen items on your menu that you don’t have on hand.
  • Two Weeks Prior to Your Event:
  • One Week Prior to your event: 
    • Plan each serving dish you will use for each recipe. Shop for any that you will need.
    • If serving cocktails/alcoholic beverages, purchase these items and store them as recommended by the maker.
  • Three Days prior to your event: 
    • Shop for perishable items including the remaining items that will be going into your centerpiece.  
    • Decorate your dining table and set up the place settings. Follow Link for : Napkin Folding
  • Two days prior to your event: 
    • Decorate the table, and add the place settings, glassware, and napkins to your dining table.
    • Remove the frozen baked items from the freezer and place them in the refrigerator.
    • Cut up perishable items and place them in sealable containers (combine items that are cooked at the same time when possible), label each, and place them back in the refrigerator.
  • One day prior to your event:
    • Cook/Prepare items that can be done a day ahead of time. 
    • Set Up Bar/Beverage Area – Be sure to plan for serving water to keep your guests hydrated. Here are some ideas for infused water: Visit: 23 Best Flavored Infused Water Recipes
    • Set out and arrange serving plates, platters, bowls, and other serving pieces.
  • Party Day:
    • Prepare the remaining recipes and warm up the dishes that need to be done so. 
    • Place all the food in the serving dishes prior to guests arriving. For food safety tips, visit:
    • Prepare water infusions and any other bulk drinks you have planned.
A Tasty Way to Keep Your Guest Hydrated
  • Put on your party outfit and enjoy:)

Planning a new kitchen? Visit our blog post: 10 IMPORTANT TOPICS TO CONSIDER WHEN PLANNING A NEW KITCHEN

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